eyetooth [ahy-tooth]

    • a canine tooth of the upper jaw, so named from its position under the eye
    • one of the four pointed conical teeth (two in each jaw) located between the incisors and premolars

Kiefer Family Orthodontics - Eye Tooth Club

Let Dr. Kiefer keep her eyes on your teeth!

Get it? Eye? Tooth?

Eye Tooth Club!

Your growth, when you grow and how you grow is of paramount importance to how your smile develops. Dr. Kiefer want to make sure she can utilize that growth to our advantage to give you the healthy gorgeous smile you deserve.

Dr. Kiefer designed this complimentary, fun and beneficial program especially for our younger, growing patients. The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that every child should first be seen by an orthodontist, no later than age 7. SEVEN! Can you believe it?

Just like you visit your dentist every six months, Dr. Kiefer needs to measure how your teeth and jaws are growing. Even younger children can sometimes need orthodontic help and your orthodontist is the most qualified person to check for these things. We want to make sure everything is happening the way it should. So, let Dr. Kiefer keep her eyes on your teeth! Join the KFO Eye Tooth Club today!