Invisalign TeenInvisalign® Teen is clearly an unbelievable option to get you a gorgeous smile.  You can focus on school, sports and college prep activities all the while your teeth are aligning!   And you can eat whatever you like in the process. Simply pop out your aligners, grab a bite to eat, clean your teeth and get those aligners back in so they can continue to do their job.  They’ll make your teeth straighter as you work on that big school project with a few classmates or even when you’re at home studying for a big test. In fact, they even work when you are fast asleep!

Invisalign® Teen aligners will fit into your life because they are…

  1. Clear
  2. Removable
  3. Super comfortable
  4. Custom created just for you!
  5. We know how busy it is growing up. So, as part of your Invisalign® Teen treatment, you are eligible for five replacement aligners over the course of your treatment if one is misplaced. Awesome!