Brace Yourself…for Life

Kiefer Family Orthodontics - Braces 101Imagine setting yourself up for success…by wearing braces! YES! You read that right!

Think of a few things you do everyday…Breath. Eat. Sleep. Smile. Laugh.

Now, think a little harder. Do you need a healthy smile to eat properly, communicate properly…maybe even to feel good about yourself as an added bonus? I think so!

If you’ve ever thought about orthodontic treatment for yourself or your child, it’s for a very good reason. And, you’re not the only one!

The way we see it, you’re going to be here anyway…going to school, playing sports or a musical instrument, working hard, having fun with family and friends. Are you going to be a teacher? A doctor? A mechanic? A mother? A father? Do you need to eat, smile, and laugh? Most importantly, do you want to be healthy?

Many people think straight teeth are just for looks, that orthodontic treatment is esthetic and optional. Think again. Teeth that are straight or aligned properly (and more importantly fit properly from top to bottom) are easier to clean and functionally safer than misaligned teeth or teeth that don’t fit.

Teeth that are easier to clean are less likely to become infected by bacteria that we all have in our mouths. Yes, you read that right. We all have healthy (and unhealthy) bacteria in our mouths. Some bacteria cause dental cavities and some bacteria cause gum disease. When you have aligned teeth, it can be easier to floss and brush effectively reducing the sheer volume of unhealthy bacteria in your mouth, tipping the scales in your favor. Gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss and may also be associated with other systemic diseases like heart disease and diabetes. Get rid of those bacteria!

Also keep in mind that teeth that fit together properly wear down less. If your teeth fit properly from top to bottom, they mesh, or gear together just right as you eat, smile and speak. They stay safe by passing by each other gently as you eat your food but without damaging or causing wear to the enamel on their surfaces.

We like to see teeth aligned, without spaces and meshing properly in all three directions…front to back, side to side and up and down. And we especially love when those straight and properly meshed teeth fit just right in your face for a functional yet supremely esthetic result.

Braces are an awesome way to help you achieve these goals!

The sooner you get started on achieving a healthy and functional smile of your dreams the better. What are you waiting for? Consider orthodontic treatment to give your teeth the best opportunity for long term health…and it isn’t going to be so bad that you’ll achieve a gorgeous smile in the process!